Site History


  • Complete site overhaul.
  • Added page and pictures for 2015 reunion.



  • Added photos of the Reunion 2010 , Gen I to IV.
  • In the Verna, Myrt, and Bud photo albums the photo of the five kids, was labeled it wrong. In my CA school write up, the school teacher in the list should read:
    Lucille (Schmucker) Shaver  for 1936 & 1937  (had her maiden and married names inverted).
  • In ‘the Farm’ gallery:  The old barn was built in 1863 by E.B. Enock. The farm was sold by Homer Shaffer to a real estate agent with the last name of Custer in October of 1945 or November of 1946 for around $10,000.  Homer and Jennie moved to Hooversville in June the following yr..  added this to the school write up as well.
  • In the CA school photo gallery, we deleted a duplicate photo.
  • Added photo of family members after Roy’s Funeral Aug 16, 1980.  Added to John.



  • Added Somerset County Genealogy Site link.
  • Added additional relatives under the Arrich, Meyers and Jock lines.
  • Found Additional resources on Lt Henry including his death date and that of his wife!!
  • Corrected Uncle Bud’s birthdate on the veterans pages.
  • Added Simon Peter Shaffer Sr and his 13 (yes 13) kids under Lt Henry.



  • Added a separate page for Uncle Bud under Veterans.
  • Added 2 new letters home to Bob from Paul from April and September 1941.
  • Added one new letter home to Bob from Bud in May 1951.



  • Added a separate page for Homer and Jennie.
  • Added picture of Homer and Jennie Porch swing – date unknown.
  • Added 1935 Schoolhouse group pictures.
  • Added 1936 Schoolhouse group photo.
  • Added close-up of 1935 schoolhouse group of Verna, Myrtle and Bud.
  • Update 1937 Schoolhouse group picture.
  • Added Photos to Roy’s Gen II page.
  • Added Photos to Lois’s Gen II page.
  • Added photo of Donnie about age 12.
  • Added photo of Homer from 1967 as most remember him.



  • Added a better picture of the Henry and Martha family – 1920.
  • Randy Litzinger did a fabulous write up on the history of the California Schoolhouse.
  • Added new photos of Homer and Jennie when they were young.
  • Added pictures to ALL the boys pages.
  • Added pages to Lois, Myrtle and Verna pages.
  • Added photos of Noah’s and Paul’s graves.
  • Added pictures of the California School House as it is today.
  • Moved a picture of the Homer Signed board from the School to the Farm where it was found.
  • Made a few typo corrections to the Site.
  • Updated the Ryan Shaffer tree.
  • Created a Bud Gen II page.



  • Added a wonderful article on the life of Noah after enlisting from Brian Shaffer.
  • Corrected Paul’s Battalion and company data.
  • Corrected the welcome page to reflect new Lt Henry Shaffer information.
  • Added Lt Henry Shaffer page.
  • Added Lt Henry Shaffer history pages done by Alice Long Waitr.
  • Added Lt Henry Shaffer Dedication proceedings from Sept 15, 1973.
  • Corrected the Kessler / Litzinger tree.
  • Corrected the Thomas Neil tree.
  • Corrected the James/Loraine Puleo tree.
  • Added Myrtle Obit and Memorial card to photo gallery.
  • Updated Welcome/Gallery Picture of Henry W.
  • Added to the Homer/Jennie Gallery – Great Stuff.
  • Added Lois and Roy Gen II & II Gallery.



  • Added pictures to Lois page.
  • Added last paragraph of letter of Paul to Jennie before his death.
  • Corrected the Brian Neil family tree.
  • Added History of Somerset County 1906 , pages 303-311 to Noah page.



  • Added Noah Shaffer and Paul Shaffer to a new Veterans page
  • Added pictures of the 2009 Reunion and added some past reunion pics
  • Added closer picture of Ira “Jack” Shaffer
  • Added Pictures of the old California School House restored
  • Added pictures of the old Shaffer farm restored
  • Added and corrected the Roy Shaffer and Alan Roy tree
  • Added and corrected the Robert Shaffer tree
  • Corrected the Karin and Merv tree
  • Added pictures of Lois, John and Helen to their galleries
  • Added a new Gen II and Gen III Gallery
  • Corrected date on Paul’s last know pictures at home
  • Corrected the names on the 1934 California School house picture