Lt. Henry Shaffer

1751 – 1834


Lt. Henry Shaffer was a Christian, a pioneer, a farmer and a patriot that served his country from 1776-1783 in the American Revolution.  He enlisted in Captain William Mitchell’s company as a 2nd Lieutenant in December 1776; was commissioned a 1st Lieutenant in Captain Benjamin Keable’s company of the First Battalion on April 5th, 1778; was in Captain Michael Kauffelt’s company in 1783; all in the York County Militia, Pennsylvania.  He came to Quemahoning to prepare a home for his wife and children that were living in York County.  He was warranted 300 acres of land by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in February 1786, valued at 10 pounds per acre, for his service in the war.  Hessians, as you will remember, were the hired soldiers that Great Britan used to fight for them in America and represented 1/3 of their forces here.  Lt Henry was not a Hessian – rather just a run of the mill patriot.

It is not clear that Henry ever married officially but it is clear that he had 8 children and a long time female companion named “Agnes”.  Over his lifetime he owned 3 – 300 Acre tracts of land in what is now Quemahoning Twp.  This land was passed down to their sons for 4 generations.

He signed his last will and testament dated May 30, 1829, in German as Henrich Schafer.

A dedication ceremony was held at the Lutheran Church cemetery in Freidens on September 15, 1973 and a marker of honor of a Revolutionary Patriot was placed.  Not enough can be said about Alice Long Waitr (of John Long in our tree) for her tireless research on behalf of the Lt. Henry Shaffer line.  Without her, this would not be possible.


History of Lt. Henry Shaffer


Dedication of Lt. Henry Shaffer