Family of Henry William and Martha Jane (Brubaker) Shaffer

This is the genealogy homepage of Henry William and Martha Jane (Brubaker) Shaffer. The focus is on the family of Homer Franklin Shaffer, but it is a big tent.  We have gathered up as much data and support information as we can and encourage you to contribute to the page as you wish. We have pictures now going back to 1893. As a point of reference, the first roll camera was patented in 1888, and in 1900 the first brownie appeared.

This site tends to focus on the family of Homer Franklin and Jennie Mae (Gindelsperger) Shaffer. The Family tree includes extensive coverage of the Gindelsperger (Gindelsparger) lineage and the Blough (Blauch) as well. The tree includes just under 2000 family members going back to the 1750’s.

It all started with Lt. Henry Shaffer from Somerset County, Penna. He was born on or about 1751 in Germany. His long time common law wife was a lady named Agnes.  We are not sure where exactly he emigrated.  He changed his name at some point from Heirich Schafer to Henry Shaffer. He did fight in the Revolutionary War for the York County Militia in PA, and there are several members of the family in DAR. He is buried in the left front section of the Freidens Luthern Cemetery. He was a founding member of that Church and donated 30 acres to it at one point in his lifetime, known as the “Homestead Farm”. He was 83 when he died.

Our family tree includes the Families of Rev. Bishop Samuel Blauch (b. 4/22/1803) and the family of Catherine (Blauch) Gindlesperger (b. 11/16/1836).

This is a representation of family as we understand it today. The neat thing is that it all goes back to 1723. These data were complied and supported by the “real” genealogists as follows:

Henry William Shaffer: Jessica S Catelinet, Barry Catelinet Dec 1994.

Rev. Bishop Samuel Blaugh: Daniel Weaver, D.D. Blaugh 1921.

Catherine Gindlesperger: Donna J. Veskosky, 1974.

Descendants of Ulrich Gindlesperger: Brian J. Ensley 1998.

John Long Family: Alice (Long) Waitr.


Aiding in this journey is Randy Litzinger who is undertaking gathering up many a family photo and doing a lot of leg work checking and re-checking the work.  We are both of the Homer Shaffer lineage.

Enjoy! If you can help add to the tree and site or correct mistakes, please email us at or